We are a personal finance company and are certified to offer a wide range of loan products and debt solutions. Our services can range from:

  • Financial Planning

This involves impacting to our clients -- credit and expense management principles. You are trying to add more value to your life and that is investing. As such, we refer you to good financiers that we are willing to fund your project no matter how personal they are. We help you plan smartly when you are buying households, personal gadgets, paying your school fees, paying your mortgage and so on.  

  • Credit Counseling

We provide toll-free over the phone debt-management advice and referrals anytime.

  • Debt repayment programs

Life happens and circumstances can push your budget beyond manageable. This service works best for people who find it had to commit to their monthly payments to service their unsecured debts. With our program, we talk to your creditors to allow you to pay what you can manage and more linear terms.  

  • Credit and Debt Education

This is not credit counseling, but a deeper version of it. We hold educational workshops on everything personal money management. Other topics such as budgeting come along as well – all with one aim, to impact insightful credit and debt education. This can be done online in the comfort of your home.  


Monday to Friday : 08:00- 18:00
Saturday and Sunday: 08:00- 20:00