Budgeting and managing money does not come naturally to most of us. In fact, Research confirms that a larger percentage of Canadians will struggle to come out of some debt at some point in life; could be a mortgage loan gone sour, pilling credit card interests, or just escalating loan fines. At Finance Guru we know how it feels to see your debts swell with little to no hope of ever recovering, and are ever willing to help you out.

Our experts guide and stick with you on how you can leave within your means and keep your debts in full control. An income increase is good but if it has not yet come, it’s just a wish. You want a practical budget and financial goals that can help you save and build your credit history with what you already have.

Why Us

Asking for assistance to manage your personal finances might seem hard, but living with money problems and ever-piling debts is harder. At Finance Guru we are tasked with ensuring our clients get back to their debt-free state, with better money management skills.

  • Confidential financial review

Our certified credit counselors respect your financial privacy. So whether you want a face to face, or over the phone review of your financial situation, with us you are sure nothing goes public, from your income history to poor spending habits -- our operating principle binds us to keep things private and confidential.

  • We explore realistic options

What will work in your case, is it a debt management program, debt consolidation or a bankruptcy filing? If debts are weighing you down, the only thing you want is realistic options to solve things – no time for trial and error. Our experience in helping people take control over their finances allows us to know what exactly would do without inflicting further financial damage to a person’s credit history.

  • Amazing referrals

We have had interesting business connections in our years of operation as we try to offer the best solutions. After counseling clients and giving them solid financial advice we ask them how likely they are to refer their friends or family members to us and on average 95% give a yes. Meaning with us, you are in the right hands.


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